I’m Barbara.

The living project was born because I engage actively with individuals , teams and organizations that seek support through coaching or leadership development to unleash new resources and to create the best versions of themselves. Those journeys are “projects” and they are “living” in the sense of being dynamic, active and empowering.

With a background in economics, project management and sustainability I have lived and worked extensively abroad for more than 15 years including the UK and Asia before moving to Berlin 10 years ago. During those colorful years, I was fortunate to embrace so many different cultures and build relationships and networks.

Learning & Development is a matter of heart to me, and I have successfully supported groups and individuals in being more engaged and focused on their goals by applying a new growth mindset. As an expert in coaching, training, facilitation and leadership I am inviting people to take agency unfolding their full potential and lead with compassion, purpose and direction. Using creativity and art in coaching and leadership has enabled clients to work more effectively, solve problems in new ways and find their own creative outlets. I am supporting managers and leaders in multinational organizations so they can focus on growing their people and teams using leadership as a framework and mission. 

 I am grateful for new challenges and connections and am looking forward to meeting you!

Humanity (watercolour)



I will help you design the best version of yourself by rethinking your habits, attitudes and setting fruitful and more personal authentic goals.


I work with individuals, teams and organizations to design a new leadership compass that grows people and reaches profitable growth.


I use art to move you to a much deeper level of awareness and create a richer experience full of experimenting and exploring.


I think of coaching as a self-discovery journey looking inward to explore, learn, and commit. All aspects of your personal and professional self will be involved during this journey – an active, self-owned and compassionate venture – just like a living project.

Can you relate to the feeling of being somehow trapped wanting to change direction? Have you questioned yourself? Have you doubted your life? Have you felt miserable? This means you are open for growth and you know there is another way – that is good news!

Visionary (Collage & ink on stone paper)

This transformational shift will be part of my coaching and represents a developmental intervention that moves you beyond processes. We start from who you are – it is you who will design the best version of yourself by rethinking your habits, attitudes and setting fruitful and more personal authentic goals.

I love to engage with individual clients as well as teams and organizations, so that one can fall in love with doing, not thinking about doing and creating a life well lived.

Start your journey now!


True leadership starts from within yourself and complements my coaching approach of self-discovery. As part of the living project, I see leadership as an active decision that is a mindset and not a tool.

Life is real, unpredictable and changing and not a dress rehearsal – leading yourself through this daily jungle of options can be overwhelming but also represents  an opportunity to be in the present and hungry for growth.The transformation of enabling and empowering leadership is not an event but a journey of impact at two levels – individual and organizational. It is the consistent change, complexity and ambiguity of our world, that represents a huge opportunity to rethink the way we create systems and the way we communicate creatively with each other to thrive for a meaningful purpose.

Leadership in my work is a door-opener for individuals, teams and organizations to rethink their values and design a new leadership compass. I have supported DHL, Roche, Daimler, Samsung, Nestle, Sumitomo to name a few, helping to increase engagement and using leadership as a way of thinking and mindset that grows people and reaches profitable growth.

Are you ready to grow?


Using Art and creativity in coaching and leadership development is truly a living project – in the sense of an active, engaging journey that you own.

Art matters and is food for your soul and imagination. The process of  drawing, painting, sculpture or collage, can help you to tell your story in a different way of personal expression. 

It was during the pandemic that I fell back in love with my creative side and the feeling of creating without being pushed to produce outputs and present results- this gave me a sense of belonging and freedom. Step by step, my art became my invisible friend and I found great pleasure in creating a weekly Artfood club with more than ten international women who felt the connection between images, their emotions, and the unconscious.

When coaching and supporting you on this transformational journey, I use not only words but art to move you to a much deeper level of awareness and create a richer experience full of experimenting and exploring. This approach can be applied with individual clients but also in teams and organizations that are open to explore new ideas.

Image making allows you to externalize and experience the energy where you want to go. I am preferably using inks that allow abstract and soft flowing messages to yourself – what appears right in front of you and what you see can be a first valuable step to add a new perspective and to look much deeper into your inner self.

So, what do you see?


Barbara demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, an unwavering commitment to excellence, and a deep understanding of the needs and objectives of our project. Her ability to effectively manage a group of students, while simultaneously ensuring that our project remained on track, was truly impressive.

Oriante de la Brassinne, Benoo

I had the pleasure to work with Barbara on a DHL Leadership Module, and enjoyed she enabled the group’s learning, connected with the group and also displayed her immense leadership and coaching expertise

Daniela Spiessmann,
Head of CFS Program,
DHL Freight

Working with Barbara has been a true pleasure. Her experience and skills alongside her sense of humor and enthusiasm ensure the learning comes across easily and makes the entire experience so much more impactful. She has a very natural style of facilitation and creates a connection with her audience, without compromising on quality.

Sayuri Gantois,
NKD associate, Belgium


If you are interested in working with me, you can either book a free 30-minute consultation or contact me through the form below.